Sunday, December 21, 2014

Alliance’s 6th Trip To New Jersey

Collages  1-The Alliance Baptist Fellowship group returned for their 6th trip with their usual youthful hearts ready to serve in most anyway they could. Josh and Paul enjoyed working with them this week; 2-They had been studying and testing hard over the past weeks and working hard this week so they at times did the college break sleep; 3-Zac and Nick wanted to see what was happening next door.  4-Best dressed Santa contest; 5-Billy has gotten a lot of help from locals in Jersey but never had a Seaside Heights officer offer him a ride before.      Mission Trip Adventures 12.201-001     1,2 & 3–The team sanded, primed the Gross home as well as painted the walls downstairs; 4–Several of us joined in to move about 14 tons of sand away from Barbara’s lot; 5&6-Jerry and Josh helped the guys do three tear out jobs; 7–Some of the guys also insulated the crawl space of the Collins home. 

We knew with the Alliance team coming it would be a good week.  Yes being young they did goof around some BUT they also worked hard, learned about what they were doing, went to visit home owners of previous trips and took time to share GOD’s word with others.

Over the past 2 years volunteers of most all ages have came to New Jersey to help The North Carolina Baptist share the gospel and rebuild the shore area of Ocean County. It has been a very meaningful experience for them as well as us.  We want to thank each one who has come as well as the ones who could not come but prayed or supported the operation.  As we start into what will most likely be our last year rebuilding after Sandy we are concerned about the low number of volunteers signed up for 2015.  As you enjoy your Christmas holiday with family and friends in “YOUR HOME” remember there are still many families in New Jersey and New York who are still not back into their home.  Please come and help us share GOD’s WORD as we help people once again believe there is a GOD and he does send help when needed.

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Hayden Lutterloh said...

Hope to be back up, possibly in Feb, with the team from Cary. Trying to get more from our church together for a trip - Ira might even come.