Saturday, June 29, 2013

One Team But They Worked Hard

NCBM NJ 6.29.20131-Billy with Ms. Florence (one of the women here that thinks Billy is a saint); 2-Central Baptist Church, Dunn; 3-Region 5 Feeding Team-Rob, Kay and Mervin; 4&5-Billy and Ann working on Susan’s house in Seaside Park.6.29The Central Baptist team split up and worked on several jobs.  The bags of tear out material from Union Church in Seaside Heights were too heavy for the trash truck so some of them rebagged the material. Another group went to Joan’s house to paint trim work that had been installed.  We had a few dry days so several of them finished filling in the dirt under Susan’s home.  The rest of the team worked on moving a wall and running some water lines at Jayne’s

July will be a very busy time for NCBM in New Jersey and New York so PLEASE pray that we will follow GOD’s guidance and share his grace with the ones he has sent us to serve.

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