Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day 5K, a House Raising and Good Food

robin and Glenn

Monday through Thursday our only volunteers were Linda’s friends from VA, Robin and  Glen. We worked on floor replacement at Kathy M’s and insulation at the Little Red House. Robin and Glen also went to Avon on Thursday to paint and install base molding. Then they had some R & R time.  They are a great couple and we hope they will come again.


On Friday & Saturday we had groups from Ignite Church in Greenville.  They put up insulation & hung sheet rock at Pastor Steve’s house in the room he is fixing up for one of his daughter’s and her family to live in.

Little Red House-001

On Friday our new house raising team started bringing in equipment and then after it was in spot on Saturday they started raising The Little Red House (of course it’s not red any more).  You can see the before and after pictures but it still will go higher. God had his hand in arranging for Wayne’s crew to raise this house.  Pray for us that we don’t miss the opportunity to serve GOD as he has planned.

Food and Fun

Ann and her friend Melinda ran in the 1st Annual Shore Break 5K in Avon.  It was a tough race ending on the beach.  Thanks to a lady that goes to Cape Hatteras Baptist Church we had a bushel of fresh blue crabs delivered on Monday.  Linda was in crab heaven.  Other than what we ate Monday night she picked the rest by her self “THANK’s LINDA”.   We are still having great meals and desserts. Normally teams will take a day off and go out at least one night for local food.  But so far the teams have worked each day they are here and everybody looks forward to the next meal with the comment “we can diet when we go home” or “This is the best food I’ve ever had on a mission trip.”  Beryl came and went.  It only left us a small amount of rain and the winds, other than for about 2 hours, were basically normal.  What beautiful sights GOD provides after a storm.

Billy did get a five second spot on WRAL.

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