Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Great Week for Fish


On Monday the Momeyer Team arrived in time for lunch.  Of course Doug was on his second week here.  Linda and Ann were planning to have chicken for supper when we got a call that we were being given three tuna fish.  They quickly changed gears and thanks to lots of help cleaning those huge fish we were able to have fresh grilled tuna instead.  It was yummy.  On Wednesday night we went to revival at Cape Hatteras Baptist Church were Billy and Russ celebrated their birthdays.

Momeyer Tem

The Momeyer Team worked on several different projects this week.  They painted at Kathy Williams’ house in Avon.  Eddie did some rough in caulking in the Little Red House.  Ann and Pastor Paul visited several people including Dean, Donna and Mrs. Janie (aka Granny).

Momeyer Tem1

The team also worked inside and outside at Kathy Morrett’s house and put a new roof on Pastor Steve’s house.  Alan Harris helped on the new roof too.

Fishing trip

On Thursday Ann, Doug and Jeffrey were treated to a fishing trip by our friend Captain Tim Etheridge on his boat.  They got up before sunrise to drive down to Hatteras Village to board Born Again. Tim was a brave man to take out three rookies that had never been fishing on a boat in the ocean.   Thunderstorms were threatening but it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Thanks to our great captain we brought home thirty-two Spanish Mackerel and three Blue Fish.

Right now we only have two volunteers for next week due to a team canceling.  If you are feeling the call to serve please give us a call.

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