Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Largest Team So Far


Our volunteers for the week: Tim came for another couple of days and brought Bill & Billy.   We had a large group (21 of them) from  New Hope Baptist in Laurinburg.  Jerry Barbee came down and has been doing lots of plumbing.  Charles spent the week at Susan’s doing last minute stuff her contractor did not complete.  He also did some adjustments to our outside showers to help make them more user friendly.  Ann kept hearing about the Chicken Dance so Nelma, with the New Hope group, did a command performance before breakfast on Friday.  Nelma is the kind of lady that is happy all the time and she doesn’t mind showing it.  She says she has been doing the dance all her life ever since a talent contest as a young girl.  Our friend Gabe (local) did the knock down in Kathy’s kitchen.  Willie, Judy and William from Pilot Mountain also joined us this week.


The Little Red House: We started off the week planning to remove the roof & walls of the front room. The more we removed the more issues we found.  When we got to the floor it was in worse shape than we thought so it went also.  With all removed we started rebuilding the room with new materials and a higher ceiling.

K Williams

Kathy’s House in Avon:  Most of the New Hope team spent the week in Avon at Kathy’s house. They primed and painted walls, tiled the bathroom floor, finished the exterior on the porch we raised the roof on and trimmed out the windows.


Food and Fun: This week Ann and Linda cooked some great meals and desserts and made a new friend here on the island.  Mrs. Nancy is a delightful lady with lots of interesting tales to tell.  Ann witnessed a wedding on the beach and a beautiful sunset over the Pamlico Sound.

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