Tuesday, May 22, 2012

College Week

Methodist group

Group of college students from NC State Raleigh Wesley Foundation came out to serve for 4 days. They stayed in Kitty Hawk but worked here with us. They removed insulation from under homes, cleaned up trash pile in back of a home, demolished a shed, helped install shingles on The Little Red House,

Methodist group1

They also removed and helped replace shake shingles on Lifeboat Church, helped unload the food pantry truck, helped gut out a home and a few went to Avon to paint with Charles.  Wow, they did a lot but then there was 24 of them. Great group of students willing to serve GOD.

.Momeyer and Sanford

More college students came on Tuesday Douglas (NC State), Erica (Nash Community College) & Isaac (South Eastern Seminary & Wake Forest University) came on Tuesday from Momeyer. They helped install shakes at Elsie’s along with shingles at Deans. Erica also jumped in to help Linda cook since Ann was away for a few days.  Members of Cool Springs also came out to serve. The first day the worked on Elsie’s house and then they repaired around the stain glass window at Lifeboat and then installed the shakes with help from college students.


Billy has tomatoes on his vines.  Can you see it?  Ann went to Melinda’s 30th birthday party at the Lifeboat Church on Tuesday night.  She left the island on Wednesday afternoon to go to Marion, NC  via Momeyer to help with NCBM training.  She worked with the badge team (Candy, Pam and Brian) and also taught the Admin Recert class on Saturday.  Luckily she didn’t have to drive all the way to Marion but caught a ride with the Stancil’s on their luxury RV.

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