Sunday, June 17, 2012

Short But Good Week


We had a short week in Salvo.  We started Monday with three volunteers – Bruce, Tim & Billy T.  Then Thad (a Baptist Man on vacation) came and helped on Tuesday.  We worked on Dean’s little red house, which by the way is not red any more and will now be referred to as Dean’s house.  We installed the windows, built a porch and steps and started hanging sheet rock.  On Wednesday Richie and Ann joined us hanging sheet rock.  Although the volunteers left by Wednesday lunch Richie came back on Thursday to help finish hanging the ceilings.   We left to go home on Thursday but Richie was still hanging rock and said he would work on it until we return on Sunday.  And believe it or not that is Billy on the pier Sunday evening fishing.

Please continue to pray for us and the many volunteers GOD is calling to go and serve. The month of July is basically open.









Obituary of Ina Claire Moore Ezzell

We went home to attend the funeral of Ina Ezzell who was our daughter-in-law’s grandmother. She was such a sweet Christian lady and will be greatly missed. Billy had known her & her husband Bill for many years.

We also were able to make a short but enjoyable visit to Lake Gaston.

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