Saturday, June 21, 2008

Testing Windows Live Writer

We have been at home since June 12. Billy has been working on shower and laundry units for the Baptist Men. On Friday he took Josh, Eddie & Ronnie with him to Hyde Co. to take everything down and move it out. He also lined up a fleet of drivers to move all the equipment. They did leave the laundry unit but moved it to another location. I have been busy around the house trying to clean and organize.

I found out about Windows Live Writer and how good it is for posting to blogs so I am testing it. Here is my final scrapbook pages for the Mcleod House.

2008.06.02 p1

2008.06.02 p2

Scrapbook credits: AWP Pompey A Work in Progress

So far I really like Windows Live Writer. It is so easy to use and makes blogging so much easier. If you want it you can get it free here:

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