Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home at last!

We arrived home Wednesday night about 12:30 (guess that's officially Thurs. morning). We were supposed to be at home this week but were called to go down to the Hyde Co. fire (the official name is the Evans Road Fire). We were told in a debriefing on Monday that it was the largest fire in the US (over 40,000 acres). We were in Robbinsville at NCBM training for the weekend. Billy left there with the Command Unit about 5:45 Saturday morning and I stayed until the training was over on Saturday at 1 pm. On Sunday after attending a morning worship wedding in Rocky Mount and going to a family reunion I joined him at Mattamuskeet School. We are serving the firefighters, EMS, NC Forestry, Emergency Management, the military and others by providing food, showers and laundry. I mainly worked in laundry and Billy did maintenance (among other things). Below is a link if you want to read more about the fire and see photos.

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Beverly said...

This fire is just terrible. We had a lot of smoke here yesterday. I can't imagine what it is like there.

God bless you for helping.