Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Love GA BCM–Week Two

We had another great week with GA BCM. 4-This college team really worked hard and only took one day off for a trip to NYC; 3-Even though they did not get much rest they did try to enjoy themselves while they were working; 7&8-On Monday they presented Diane, the homeowner, with a bible they had all signed and gave her a big group hug; 1-Our feeding team (Joe, Kimmsy, Judy & Charles) was from First Baptist New Bern. They did a great job; 2-On Thursday night a four man team from PA joined.  They did several jobs on the Woods’ home.
The GA group was also able to meet Corrine Woods and had a circle prayer with her. The team learned how to insulate, install pickets, paint trim work, clean up, hang OSB board  and mix cement. 

All of these college kids were basically strangers when they met two weeks ago to go on a two week mission trip to New Jersey.  Now they have formed lifetime friendships as well as left a memory with New Jersey families that will also last a life time.

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