Saturday, June 6, 2015

Two Small Groups Ready to Serve God

6.6  Sid Pittman came in on Saturday for two weeks to help Billy out. The Austin Grove group came in on Saturday also, making their third trip. They finished hanging the sheet rock in the Woods home as well as installing the rest of the OSB to cover the insulation down below.  Then they went to Dianne’s to complete the pickets and help Chris mud sheet rock. Sid helped them finish the OSB job on Friday. Rita and Ann did the cooking.Mission Trip Adventures 6.6     Steve Wells also returned with his wife and daughter.  They touched up and finished painting on three homes.  They also worked around the church helping Sid build a new sign frame, cutting the grass and weeding around the flowers.

We have several jobs going on at this time along with lots of volunteers for the next few weeks.  However there are 3 requests out there wanting our help which will not be able to be started until early July.  We will be needing more volunteers for July and August as we start these new jobs.

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