Sunday, June 21, 2015

Two Returning Teams and a Rookie Team

Mission Trip Adventures 6.20     1-This was the first feeding trip for our Region 10 Feeding Team and they did a super job. They found many creative ways to use leftovers. They all attend Marble Baptist Church; 2-Biltmore Baptist was back for their seventh trip.  They have become good friends of ours; 3-Billy is showing off his first tomato.  It still need to grow a bit more; 4-Another team we were happy to see come back is Center Hill Baptist, Tyner, led by our friend Billy Nixon; 5-Saturday afternoon we attended the 25th Anniversary Luncheon and marriage vows renewal for Pastor Todd and Krista; 6-The feeding team made scripture cards & shared them with people they met; 7-Ann and Elaine got a free ride on the 105 year old carousel on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.Mission Trip Adventures 6.201     Part of the Biltmore team spent the week working on the Woods’ house.  They worked on siding, flooring, cabinets, electric and trim work.  Others worked on the plumbing, framing repairs and pouring of missing piers at Juan & Gabby’s house.  Some helped the Soltys remove stuff from the attic of Georgette’s house so they could install strong backs in the ceiling.  On Friday Tom and Terry did more last minute finishing stuff at Barbara’s.  She finally got a gas meter on Friday but is still waiting on electric to be hooked up.

The Center Hill group built a porch and steps for the front door at the Miele home.  Then they poured concrete at Ms. Mary’s home to repair a walkway that was removed to repair a water line. They also helped dig and pour the porch piers at Juan & Gabby’s house.

It was a great week for all the volunteers.  GOD sent them challenges and they used them to continue sharing the gospel in New Jersey.  They were able to visit and share with 4 of the 5 families they helped.  Actually one of the family members told a volunteer,  “I used to attend church but fell away.  However now that I have seen all that you Christians are doing here I know I need to return to the church.”

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