Sunday, June 28, 2015

Showing Others The Love of God

Mission Trip Adventures p2     The team from Community Bible Church in High Point spent most of their week on a new project at Jenny’s home.  She has health issues and has not been able to do much for the past 3 years. Therefore along with rebuilding they also did lots of cleaning for her and lots of loving on her.  Arrendo celebrated his 17th birthday in Seaside Heights.  Our Region 4 Feeding team was from Apex, Clayton & Castalia. They did a great job and were a pleasure to work with.Mission Trip Adventures-001     The Drexel Baptist team split up due to the group size as well as the home size.  Jimmy lead part of the team on a job installing insulation and hanging sheet rock in Georgette’s home.  Others went down to the Woods’ home. They cleaned up from last week, installed a toilet, found missing wires (covered up by others) and helped finish laying the flooring.   Billy gave Chris the wrong size nails for the brad gun so he had to unjam it twice.  Then he figured out what he did wrong.

During July we should be starting 2 new projects and also should complete 3 others.  The projects are more difficult to find now.  However, each project still has it’s special needs.  The most obvious is restoring hope in the owners lives.  So far the best way we have found is sharing the love of GOD with them by our work, actions and words.

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