Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Hot Week in New Jersey

Mission Trip Adventures 6.13.2015    1-Region 3 Feeding Team (Barbara, Mike, Shirley & David; 2-Everyone enjoyed the jigsaw puzzles; 3-Walks were popular in the evenings; 4-A favorite spot for watching the sunset; 5-Westwood Baptist, Cary was here for their 6th trip; 6-Barbara meets the team making final touches on her home; 7-Sid Pittman helped Billy for a second week; 8-The feeding team served up some great meals; 9-In their down time they enjoyed playing Tri-ominos.Misson Trip Adventures 6.13     The group split up and worked on five homes this week.  At Georgette’s they laid subflooring, help Paul finish rough in wiring, and helped Chris finish the rough in plumbing.  Some of the ladies helped with the final painting in her parents home, the Soltys’s.  Others removed the damaged siding from the Woods’ home and started hanging the new siding. They were also gracious enough to help unload the supplies needed for next weeks team and get it up into the house.  When the ladies finished painting at the Solty’s they came to the Woods’ home and painted some more.  Others started work at Juan’s home along with doing some final odd and ins at Barbara’s.

Team members were blessed by visiting with the home owners and hearing what they are saying about the blessings of having volunteers come and work on their homes.   We were also joined for supper and fellowship on Thursday night by Ron and Rhea Jolly.  A family that has touched the hearts of many volunteers who worked on their home and will always be a treasure in their hearts.  FYI – Ron seams to being doing great now.

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