Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome to New Jersey


As Dorothy would have said “We’re not in Momeyer (or Hawaii) any more”.  On Monday we arrived on the site in Allenwood, NJ at Grace Tabernacle Bible Church.  After we got the camper set up we got our first snow.  The NCBM set this site up November 4, 2012 and have completed 350 jobs.  We have agreed to stay here for at least six months with the NCBM helping with the recovery operation and then doing rebuild work.  Although it is a lot like what we have done for the past few years, being up north is different, so we ask for your prayers and help. 


We came into a operation that was already operating but with changes in staff had become very disorganized.  Ann is in charge of the DROC (office) and with the help of some recovery ladies it is now organized and ready for both operations.  Thanks to Connie, Elizabeth and Donna.  Carey Grey came up on Monday also to be the Recovery Blue Hat so Billy could concentrate more on the rebuild effort. Billy did get out to some of the damaged areas on Tuesday and Thursday but most of his time has been in the DROC also.  Al & Tony have been doing our assessment work and they compare notes each morning and night. 


We had some good volunteers this week past week who were all here to help others in GOD’s name.  Billy says that he has worked the laundry in some hot and cold conditions but never when you had to wear a toboggan and drain the system each night to keep it from freezing. Pictures show only a few of the teams here last week.


Recovery Work: Yes that is sand that got washed into the crawl spaces of homes so we are helping remove it.  Lots of sheetrock, flooring and insulation still needs to be removed from homes.  We have a lot of fogging (mold treatment) jobs left to do but they can’t be done in below freezing conditions.


Rebuild Work: With the cold temperatures some of the fogging  jobs had to be put on hold. So we put some of the guys to work on rebuild jobs.  They hung insulation and sheetrock.


Each night when we finish supper we have a debrief & devotion time.  Lots of heart wrenching stories are shared.  Billy can’t talk without moving his hands.  Drew came all the way to Allenwood for his birthday and not only got a cake but received the present of being able to lead a man to God.  Drew is only 23 but already a dedicated servant.  A man we can relate to.  We have also spent our last several birthdays away serving GOD.  As we see it “what better place to be.”

I know many of you have already been to NJ or NY to serve but the need here is still great.  Also the opportunities GOD has laid out for his believers to go and share his love and word are plentiful.  Please pray for us and listen for that small voice that tells you “ It is time to step up and go serve “.   We hope and pray each of you will come serve with us this year.  Don’t forget to bring a friend and tell others about the need for volunteers in NJ and all the world.

PS.  We have been pleasantly surprised by our welcome here in NJ.  Maybe it’s not a foreign country after all.

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