Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year


For New Years Eve Jeff & Sharon invited us out to eat at Outback.  Afterwards Jeff drove us around so we could watch as locals started shooting fireworks.  We ended up stopping at the Honolulu City Lights.  It seemed sort of strange walking around looking at Christmas lights in shorts and t-shirts.


On New Years day we went to John and Lorrie’s with plans to work on their roof but it rained most all day so Billy adjusted doors for them.  For supper we had steak, potatoes and salad.

Work Around Camp

Wednesday it was back to work painting steps,  cleaning rooms & washing linens.  Chuck decided to do some grounds cleaning so Ann supervised.

Work Around Camp1

Andy purchased a tiller so we started replanting areas with grass.  The ground is so hard and dry here about all you can do is scratch the top, plant seed and water them.   We installed hand towel machines in the Hikina units.  Andy & Billy had the sweet job of cleaning our the septic pump tank and repairing the wiring.


On Friday God was gracious and allowed us time and sunshine so we could go back to John & Lorrie’s to do their roof job.  Their reading room had a glass roof that was cracked and leaked each time it rained which is almost daily on that side of the island.  Ann was a great helper bringing Billy supplies and handing them up as needed. John was a great supervisor.  As Billy finished up the caulking John, Lorrie & Ann cleaned up the mess Billy had made.  Lorrie said it rained hard that night and when John went to clean up the water on Saturday morning he was happy cause there was none.


On Saturday we went to meet Richard & Lucy Morgan.  Lucy is from Nash County and fell in love with Richard when they were on a cruise to Europe as young adults.  Richard is 5th generation of his family on Oahu.  The family owns and operates the Kualoa Ranch.  The home they live in was built by his grandparents and Richard has lived there most of his life.  It was and is a grand old house.  The area where the van is parked is where the drivers would pull the horse drawn carriages under so the guest could get out and then enter the house for parties. In those days it was a six acre site with an unobstructed view of the beach & ocean from Diamond Head to Pearl Harbor.  Richard says he was actually sitting on the roof the morning Pearl harbor was attacked and waved at the pilots as they came in unknowing what was about to happen.  Richard is a true mechanic .  He rebuilt the Model T (hand made what he couldn’t find).  He took the left over parts and built a frame car which he drives around the ranch.  He says he has always enjoyed racing and modifying cars.  Lucy says one of the things she fell in love with was his ability to play the piano.  He played the grand for us and yes he is good.  He took lessons as a boy for 12 years but quit cause lessons were boring.  He now plays by ear.

Afterwards we went to Tree Tops Restaurant for lunch.  On the way back to camp we stopped by the Ko Olina resort to take a walk.  At the end of the resort area we saw a pregnant Hawaiian Monk seal named Pohaku sunning on the beach.  She is hard to see among the rocks but is in the center of the two lower right pictures.

We have enjoyed our time here on Oahu volunteering at Camp Pu’u Kahea and serving GOD who has allowed us lots of time to meet new friends and see this part of his world.  Monday is our last day here.  We ask for your prayers as we travel to Momeyer.  We will celebrate a late Christmas with family and see some friends. On January 21 we will travel to Allenwood, NJ to start serving with the NCBM recovery operation that’s been going on since Hurricane Sandy arrived there.

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