Sunday, September 29, 2013

Two Good Teams = Lots of Work Done

NJ Mission Trip Adventures 9.28The region 1 rebuild team spent most of their time working on Mary & Anna’s home getting it almost ready to move in.  They painted walls, installed floor covering, kitchen cabinets and molding.  Billy (not Layton) repaired her brick wall around the front of the house that boats had hit during Sandy’s visit.   Harlon and David helped the electrician with some wiring at Grace Evangelical Church.NJ Mission Trip Adventures 9.281Woody Tucker led the Region 8 feeding team.  A different team member stayed back to help do the cooking each day while the others went out to help with rebuild work.  The last two days they all went out.  They repaired interior steps, build walls and rails, hung sheet rock and did some much needed ministering to homeowners.  Woody was found sleeping in the drive way so they chalked him out.

Prayer request: We could sure use a plumber and an electrician to work with the licensed contractor next week if you or somebody you know could come up.

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