Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nine Months After the Storm

8.31-Long Branch Baptist-Lumberton, NC (Ladies-Shower/Laundry & Men-Mold Remediation); 2-Valley Baptist, Middletown, PA; 3-Community Bible Church, High Point,NC; 4-Region 1 Feeding Team-Wayne, Pauline & Gerald; 5-Eric-Hendersonville BC; 6-Steve Wells, Seaford Baptist Church, Seaford, VA and Don Gallimore, Roxboro, NC; 7-Overflow Baptist Church, Thomasville, NC.8.31Lots of good work done this week.  Teams tore out floors and walls of homes while other teams do the final touches on a couple of homes.  The cooks did an excellent team cooking and cleaning up the equipment.  Ann has been helping with the Grace Scouts and this week they went hiking in Allaire State Park

It has been 9 months since Super Storm Sandy struck New Jersey & New York.  Many homes have been repaired and many torn down.  However there is still many that have not been torn out or rebuilt.  Please pray for these homeowners. If GOD has laid it on your heart to go and help rebuild homes while ministering to the people PLEASE contact us or NCBM to arrange a time for you or your team.  At present time plans are for us to be here into 2014.

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