Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Productive Week and Welcome Back Louise


Teams: 1-Region 5 Feeding Team lead by John Johnson;  2-Mitch and Mary Lou Byrum-Center Grove Baptist, Ahoskie;  3-Ray Graham Team-1st Baptist, Matthews;  4-Richard and Carl-1st Baptist, Salisbury;  5-Tom Leeper Team-Biltmore Baptist, Arden.

Biltmore Tearout

On Monday the Biltmore team tackled a large tear out job.  It had been on hold due to Ms Tillie had been ill.  However it is now gutted and treated so the rebuild can began.  You would think after 6 months the floors would have dried out but NO there was still soaked insulation and water between layers of flooring.

Biltmore Sheetrock

The rest of the week they hung sheet rock and started finishing it.

Ray Graham

On Tuesday The 1st Baptist group installed cabinets, doors and trim on Joseph street. Wednesday and Thursday they installed sub flooring, Then on Friday before they left they installed laminate flooring and window trim.

three d's

Everyone looks forward to dinner, debriefing and devotions at the end of the work day. The cooks did a great job this week.  Some of them helped unload materials at homes as well as did mold treatment.  Louise did a good job with her devotion getting the volunteers to help with a lot of answers. Carl and Chad gave a from the heart devotion.  God laid some verses on me to use but I got lost and couldn’t find the meaning to express.  After a long days work many volunteers have taken advantage of the youth lounge while doing a little internet surfing.

Random Things

A Few Random Things: 1-We are happy to have Louise back with us doing her shower/laundry/cleaning thing; 2-Friday night seafood; 3- John got caught doing the dishes; 4-Cookie in one of his favorite spots; 5-Billy hauling off another load; 6-Paul and his best friend, Rosie-We are helping him rebuild his house; 7-Mitch working on sheetrock.

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