Saturday, May 18, 2013

College Week Again


Teams: 1-Alliance Bible Fellowship, Boone; 2-Grady and Danny, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Fayetteville; 3-University of FL Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Gainesville, FL; Region 1 Feeding Team lead by Hollis and Billy Williams.

FL and Feeding Men

Another week of both tear out and rebuild.  Billy W. & Gerald put down laminate flooring in two homes when they were not cooking.  The Florida college team put in sub flooring, installed insulation and hung sheet rock. On Saturday they did more tear out.  Looks like David pulled seniority and supervised duct work removal.

Mollie Danny and Grady

The Alliance Fellowship college team  & Mt. Pisgah team spent their week doing tear outs. Tearing out sheet rock, pulling insulation, clearing crawl spaces, pulling nails.  Well lets just say “ complete gut out jobs.”


Ever since Sid and Betty Anne were here and we hiked on the trails in the state park I have been eager to do some more.  On Sunday I talked Billy into hiking another part of Allaire.  On Thursday Hollis and Louise and I went for a walk on the boardwalk in Lavallette. On Friday we explored the trails at Manasquan Reservoir. It was a beautiful place with lots of wildlife. Saturday Louise and I went to Allaire Village for their opening celebration. Ann

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