Monday, February 29, 2016

Working On Ms. Betsy’s House

Mission Trip Adventures 2.27     Our volunteers this week; 1-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 2-1st Baptist Norfolk, VA & Calvary Baptist, Newton; 3-Bagley Swamp Wesleyan & Hertford Baptist, Hertford; 4-Macedonia & Williamston Baptist;-5-Reg 1 Feeding Team representing Cornith & Warwick Baptist. Not pictured-Christ Community Church, Pinehurst.Mrs     This is Betsy & her granddaughter that lives with her. This is Betsy’s house. Betsy walked in water up to her neck when the area flooded. She was picked up by a motor boat.   The Hertford, Bagley Swamp, Macedonia & Williamston teams spent the week laying flooring, installing cabinets, duct work, doors, trim work as well as plumbing, electric and painting.Mission Trip Adventures 2.27-001     The Biltmore team spent the week working on the Marsh home.  They completed the insulation, hung sheet rock and finished the electrical and plumbing rough in.  Tom spent several days at Mt. Moriah Church getting the sheet rock ready to paint.   Billy, Phil and Hollis laid flooring at the Lylery house.Mission Trip Adventures 2.271     The Bagley Swamp and Calvary groups removed and replaced the shingles on the Jones home.  The Christ Community group built a front porch for the Owens at their new home.   All the teams went out to eat at The Shady Rest on Friday night.

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