Sunday, March 13, 2016

Progress Made on Three Jobs-Week of March 5

Mission-Trip-Adventures-3.05.2016-p1[1]  1-Rocky Hock Baptist, Edenton; 2-Farmville Baptist; 3-Riverview Baptist, Greenville; 4-Chris The HVAC Guy from NJ & David Fuss-Billy’s right hand man this week; 5-Plymouth Baptist; 6-Region 2 Feeding Team; 7-Larry Hyde, Raleigh (Gaylon’s spy, I mean story writer; 8-A small group from Biltmore Baptist; 9-Immanuel Baptist, Greenville. Check out the story Larry wrote here:     When NCBM starts a almost total rebuild it seams to take forever until you start to see the completion nearing. These teams worked on 3 such jobs. Betsy Humphries, Lynn Marsh and Mt. Moriah Church.  Luthur installed a new water heater in the NCBM camper. Some installed the metal roof on Mt, Moriah while others removed the old windows and installed new ones.  The Riverview team worked at the Marsh home. They completed hanging the sheet rock and started the mud work. Chris Kerslake came down from New Jersey to help get the duct work mostly done. GOD as usual was good and sent a helper for Chris.

The work of rebuilding and sharing the Gospel continues.  Looking forward to many more volunteers coming.

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