Saturday, March 19, 2016

Great Teams This Week

Mission Trip Adventures 3.19     1-Seneca Methodist, Seneca, PA plus Bob from Raleigh. Joining us for dinner was Rev. Wendell White from Mt. Moriah Church; 2-Region 4 Feeding Team (the three wearing aprons) plus Garner Baptist Rebuild Group; 3-Ann and the ladies have been attending Lenten Services on Tuesdays across the street at the Methodist Church. They have been enjoying the service and the lunch; 4-Hope Moravian Church, Hope, IN; 5-Seleah helped her granddad Don celebrate his 85th birthday; 6-Trinity Baptist, Raleigh; 7-Our leadership helpers this week, Joyce and Curtis Thrift.Mission Trip Adventures 3.19-001     The Seneca team installed a metal roof and then reframed another roof. Their church ladies make prayer blankets which they presented to the home owners. The Hope group did sheet rock finishing, sheet rock and floor repair, hung vinyl siding and then built a porch and ramp.  The other teams finished and built 5 porches and hung more sheet rock.

Due to a touch of the flu for Billy and bronchitis that turned into pneumonia for Ann we tried to stay away from the teams this week.  It was a pleasure to have Curtis and Joyce back to help with the operation again.  We both are feeling lots better now.  Hope to see each of you in Johnsonville soon.  Request for help is coming in faster than jobs being completed.

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