Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lots of Work to Be Done in Johnsonville

MissionTripAdventures     1-Tom came down to help out with Chaplincy; 2- The Region 8 feeding team not only cooked and cleaned, the guys also helped with electrical and flooring work; 3-Providence Baptist, Raleigh.Mission Trip Adventures 2.13  The Providence group split into smaller teams.  The teams worked on replacing wood slats on block walls so sheet rock could be installed and also rescrewed the ceiling sheet rock that had sagged due to a roof leak.  Another group did some touch up mud work and started painting Betsy’s home.  The final group installed a metal roof.

We are still getting new request almost daily.  Teams are starting to sign up but lots more help is needed.  Please contact Ann with your groups requested dates or sign up at

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