Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yellow House Looking Good Inside and Out

Teams OBX Rebuild 7.14

Our Teams This Week

  1. The Merry Hill Bunch-Alton, Harlon & David
  2. Chris Shelton from Oak City
  3. Bruce and Nenna Bayes from Kentucky
  4. Joey Burchette from Durham
  5. Cornith Baptist in Elizabeth City-Lee, Merrill, Dan & Steve
  6. Not Pictured-Alan and Sue Harris and Corey Hudson their nephew stayed over from last week.

Deans Yellow House 2 OBX Rebuild 7.14.12

Dean’s Yellow House Inside

Chris did electrical after the Merry Hill Bunch left and then helped Billy put down the tack strips for the carpet.   Nenna, Ann & Linda did a lot of touch up painting.  Joey did some plumbing, helped with the carpet padding and then the vinyl flooring.

Deans Yellow House OBX Rebuild 7.14

Yellow House Outside 

Linda, Nenna, Susan & Corey painted the outside of Dean’s house.  Bruce, Alan & Nenna installed the post for the access ramp.  Billy re-caulked some spots that had been missed.  Bruce & Billy also built the steps for the front porch.

New House OBX Rebuild 7.14

Jerome’s House     

The Elizabeth City group started work at Jerome’s.  They finished the T-1-11 siding and then started sheeting the roof.  During the rain they finished cleaning out the inside so rebuild could start inside also.  Jerome blessed them with ice cream.

Food and Fun OBX Rebuild 7.14

Although Ann & Linda helped on the home sites this week they still found time to cook and serve great meals.  One complaint I have heard is, “Usually when you go on a mission trip to serve GOD  you will loose weight but not here.” The volunteers have not only been serving and sharing GOD they have been gaining weight.  The quilt group asked Ann if they could borrow a quilt she made for the show. The first lady that saw it wanted to buy it but Ann is very much like her Daddy was – They make beautiful stuff but it’s not for sale.  If you are truly blessed they will give something away.

Next week is VBS time here at the fire station.  Please pray they can share God’s love with many families on the island.

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