Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rebuilding homes and sharing the gospel…It’s what we do

Mission Trip Adventures 6.11     1-Providence Baptist, Raleigh; 2-Flat Rock Baptist, Hamptonville; 3-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 4-Reg 7 Feeding Team, Carol, John & Louise; 5-Cheryl & Mark; 6-Carl, Ruth & Richard; 7-Memorial Baptist, Williamston.Mission Trip Adventures 6.111     The Providence team worked on flooring at the Woodbury and Parrott homes. The Flat Rock group replaced the shingle roof and then under skirted the Matthews mobile home. Biltmore completed the McWhite flooring, doors and tile work. Ruth spent the week installing tile.  She did a back splash for David and then floor and bath tile for Leslie.  Carl and Richard spent the week spraying shock wave to get rid of mold.  One of those jobs you don’t see a lot of progress in but now these homes are safer for volunteers to work in as well as for the home owners who refuse to leave their home.  Memorial finished a metal roof, hung sheet rock, finished sheet rock, painted and finished decks that had been started.  J E enjoyed his self helping at most every site as well as moving material around. 

We were able to complete a few work requests this week but received more new ones than we completed.  I don’t know exactly what GOD has planned for volunteers working with NC Baptist in the Johnsonville area.  But I see a big request for help and have heard many a great blessings taking place.  One lady stated “Since y’all have been here working the people have started to return to church.”  Another said “I prayed and GOD answered my prayers by sending help.” I am told almost daily (if not several times a day) “thank you for what your group is doing for us.” The volunteers who have listened to GOD’s call to go to Johnsonville, SC to help others in HIS name are special to me.  Rebuilding homes and sharing the gospel…It’s what we do.

We have made several upgrades here at our housing site in Johnsonville.  We believe GOD has bigger plans than we started out with here so now we are able to house and feed up to 100 volunteers per day. I know this will be a large task for me and the staff but we are ready for your help in sharing the gospel while also rebuilding homes and families.

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