Sunday, June 19, 2016

Carolina Rebuild June 12-18, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 6.18  1-Mark & Cheryl celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on Monday; 2-Austin Grove & Union Grove, Marshville; 3-Youth from Hahira UMC, GA; 4-Betty Anne & Sid, Littleton Baptist; 5 Region 8 Feeding Team, Larry, Don & David.Mission Trip Adventures 6.18-001     The Hahira team removed and replaced shingles on the Bascom home as well as underpinned the home and replaced the rear steps.  Austin and Union Grove team tore out the kitchen cabinets , kitchen floors and then the dining room floors at the Eddy home.  Then they replaced it all with new, dry and unmolded floor decking and cabinets.  Sid and Betty Anne did some mold treatments and then trim work at the Parrott home.

Friday night the NAMB Survivor Care team provided dinner and a great bluegrass band for entertainment for many of the homeowners we have served.

Many people wonder why volunteers are needed 8 months after the rain storm & flood of 2015.  This week we again saw it with our own eyes. Floor decking that had not been torn out because it was dry on top.  Well there was four layers of floor decking and moisture along with mold was between each layer.  Also the kitchen cabinets were growing mold between each other and the wall.  Then there was the roof that was still leaking. Yes it was 12 years old but the excessive rain had washed off most all of the rock and tar and exposed the fibers of the shingles.  HOWEVER best part of the week was the time the teams were able to spend with the home owners & families to let them know why we came - to serve GOD, share His Gospel and help rebuild their homes.  

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