Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Carolina Rebuild May 29-June 4

Mission Trip Adventures 6.04     1-NCBM White Hats & Friends; 2-J.E. Skinner & Betsy Skinner; 3-Cornerstone Baptist, Pilot Mountain; 4-Zion Hill Baptist, Shannon; 5-Aaron & Julie Baker-Union Baptist; 6-Chris & Randy, SCBM; 7-Mt. Pleasant Baptist-State Road; 8-Region 6 Feeding TeamMission Trip Adventures 6.041     Some of our white hats decided to come help out on a roof job. They did a lot of the Martin roof.  Arron and Julie along with Mark and Cheryl worked on Peanut’s deck and ramp.  The Cornerstone group worked at the Powell residence installing roofing, siding in the garage and replacing the power pole.  The Mt Pleasant group worked on Mrs. Mae’s floors and bathroom along with helping JE start a back porch for the Parrott’s.  Michael and Wayne helped finish the rear porch and build a ramp out front.  Chris Smith came again to help with finishing sheet rock.  Randy paid us a visit and we also met with Chris who didn’t want to stop working.  I think Randy was trying to watch and learn.

Great work week despite all the rain.  We currently have over 50 roof jobs and over 70 interior repair jobs to be done.  Spread the word that volunteers are needed in Johnsonville to rebuild homes and share the gospel.

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