Sunday, June 26, 2016

Carolina Rebuild June 19-25, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 06.25.2016 p1     Volunteers this week: 1&2-Gray UMC Youth Choir; 3-SC Feeding Team; 4-Northwest Community Church, Cincinnati, OH; 5-Cornerstone BC, Mt. Airy; 6-Billy & Chris (Florence DOM) with Ms Mae; 7-Swannanoa Baptist; 8-Calvary BC, Cary.Mission Trip Adventures 06.25-001     After several weeks of working at the Parrott home it was getting close to being HOME again.  I decided to send the Swannonna group there for the week with a request to get the house ready so Connie and Eugene could move home. They installed siding, hung windows, finished the kitchen, installed trim work and doors and did lots of painting and cleaning up. Some of the Calvary ladies helped them out on Friday and Saturday.  The Gray team insulated most of the floors at the Burr house. Cornerstone helped finish the job and underskirt it on Saturday.  Jack and Mark lead the Northwest group as they removed and replaced the shingles at the Brown residence.  The guys and couple of ladies from Calvary did tear out and then replaced the floors at the Baccus house.  On Tuesday the FLTRG asked us to join them for the dedication of Mae Woodbury's home.  She seams to be so happy with her rebuilt home.  She is blind so she can not see all the beautiful work but she says "I can feel it."

Thanks again for all the great volunteers that have responded to Johnsonville to help NCBM share the gospel and rebuild the area.  I still see so much more to be done so I know GOD is not done here.  Please come and join us be HIS hands and feet.

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