Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pandora’s Box and a Baby

Mission Trip Adventures 4.29.2016     1-Region 1 Feeding Team (Warren, Linda, Hollis & Billy); 2-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 3-Ann & Billy; 4-Long Branch Baptist, Lumberton, NC; 5-Connie & Russell on their 2nd week; 6-Bennett & Betsy, Concord; 7-1st Baptist Matthews; 8-This was Mark & Cheryl’s last week until June.  We’re sure going to miss them.Mission Trip Adventures 4.291     Before they arrived I had asked the Biltmore team if they would work on tearing out a floor, hauling in sand, insulating the floor and then lay decking as well as insulate the walls and replace the wall panels.  As normal they said yes what ever you need.  With experience we expected to find a few things extra but this wound up to be a BIG PANDORAS BOX.  But this faithful team gave it their all and by Saturday morning David had floors to walk on safely, a working kitchen and a good working bathroom.   The Mathews team finished replacing siding on a mobile home, under pinned it and built a rear porch. They also took out a floor in a mobile home and replaced it.  Before they left Thursday they went to Miss Joye’s to remove 4 windows and replaced them.   Connie, Russell, Betsy,Bennett and Mark worked at Lynn’s house which is now almost complete. 2016     Introducing our newest grandson - Walker William Andrews, born at 4:35 am April 30, 2016, weighing 7 lb. 12 oz, 21.5 inches long.  The proud parents are Matt & Tanya Andrews. We have fallen in love with this little guy.

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