Sunday, April 24, 2016

Working Together Getting the Job Done

Mission Trip Adventures 4.23     1-Last week we did not have any volunteers so we both spent the week at home.  Mark & Cheryl stayed in Johnsonville. At the end of the week all four of us attended the NC Missions Conference in Charlotte & now are back in SC; 2-Our Feeding/Rebuild team from Reg. 9 Swannanoa Baptist Church; 3-Connie, Russell & Marty-Southpoint Baptist, Belmont; 4-Pleasant Ridge Baptist, State Road; 5-Jack, Volunteer coordinator with SC Baptist; 6-Dave & Calvin-Florence Baptist Church, Forrest City; 7-Van, David & Brian cooked the catfish for us that was donated by the Skinning Shed.4.23     Our goal for this week was to do two roof jobs, paint the inside of a house and get a porch and ramp built. With the faithful help of servant minded volunteers it happened.  Pleasant Ridge removed and replaced the shingles on Terry’s home, The Swannanoa team built a deck and ramp as well as replaced some bad siding and started the under skirting at the Ard home. Two of them cooked breakfast and cleaned before going out to the construction site. Ann & Cheryl cooked supper. All the others joined together to install a metal roof for the McCray family.  Then they split up and did lots of painting and other odd jobs.

If you notice we had only two small groups and several one and two person groups (who joined together).  Many times I am asked is there anything I can do as just one person? YES join another person or group and share the gospel as we rebuild South Carolina.

There are still 40 open jobs in the Johnsonville area with new requests still arriving almost each day.  Many ask why so late asking for help?  Well some didn’t realize they had damage due to they have never lived through a flood or 20 inch rain storm that left the ground saturated for four months.  And others didn’t know about our offer to help or are just not use to people they don’t know coming to offer help and only want to share the gospel as they work.

Busy week coming up but have no volunteers for the first week of May as of yet.

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