Friday, April 1, 2016

Last Of The Big Groups For A While

Mission Trip Adventures 4.021-001     1-David & Cecil, Calvary Baptist, Newton; 2-Our helpers Sandy, David & Harold here for a second week; 3-Region 6 Feeding Team; 4-Providence Baptist, Raleigh; 5-Bennett & Betsy Cooke, Concord; 6-Hahira UMC, GA with homeowner Ann.Mission Trip Adventures 4.02     The Georgia group insulated underneath, put up protective covering and under skirted a double wide.  Then they hung some sheet rock.  Their homeowner, Ann, cooked lunch for them three days.  David and Cecil completed two roofs and then completed two porches.  The Cooke’s worked on final sanding and priming at Lynn’s house.  Some of the Providence ladies also helped them paint.  The rest of the Providence group installed a metal roof, painted a roof and built three porches.

This is the last of our large groups for a while.  We are in need of many volunteer teams starting Monday and going through the summer.  At present we have 40 job request waiting.  Roofing, sheet rock, painting, porches and ramps, flooring and lots more jobs.  Give us a call or visit NC Missions to sign up. We will have a break out session at the NC Missions Conference in Charlotte if you would like to talk to us there.

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