Sunday, April 10, 2016

Group All the Way From Baraboo, Wisconsin

Mission Trip Adventures 4.09     1-Mark & Cheryl are back for the month of April; 2-Alma & Brenda, Region 7 Feeding Team; 3-Al from VA; 4-Expeditions Unlimited, Baraboo, WI; 5-Lee’s Chapel, Four Oaks; 6-Swann Station Baptist, Sanford; 7-Calvary Baptist, Monroe.Mission Trip Adventures 4.091     The volunteer numbers were few for most of the week but on Friday and Saturday many others came.  Each person brought the best tool of all “A LOVE FOR THE LORD” and a desire to share HIS LOVE by helping others.  The Wisconsin group and Al started out the week by finishing one porch and then building another on the side of Thomas and Mary’s home.  After that they went to Leslie’s to finish hanging there sheet rock and started the mudding process.  On Friday the Swain Station group joined us.  They laid the wood flooring at Lynn’s as well as tiled her bath, did some trim work and some trim painting. Three of them went to Betsy’s on Saturday to do the last of the touch up painting.  The group from Calvary came for the day and hung sheet rock at Connie’s.

Betsy’s family was helping her get all her stuff moved back to First Neck on Saturday.  She should be living at her home soon.  She sends a big THANK YOU to each and everyone that has made her return home possible.

The work requests continue to grow in Johnsonville and surrounding area.  We now have 45 open requests for help.  Work ranging from insulating under the home to replacing the roof (metal and shingle).  I know GOD has spoken to many of you to go serve Him by serving His people.  If you feel like you can answer that please call us or go on line to register your time.  We offer day projects, weekend, extended weekend, weekly or what ever amount of time you are will to serve the LORD by helping others.

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