Sunday, October 30, 2016

Carolina Rebuild October 9-15, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 10.15     1-Grassy Pond Baptist, Gaffney, SC; 2-Johnsonville Baptist Youth; 3-Morris Knaup, Ashville;  4-Bennett Baptist; 5-Cumberland Plateau Baptist Association, TN; 6-Lisa & Bill Sherill, Greenville, SC; 7-Ewing Baptist, KY; 8-Heath Team, Greer, SC; 9-Gary & Royce, Knoxville, TN; 10-Prosperity, SC Chainsaw Team; 11-Region 7 Feeding (Diane, Larry, Barbara & Bernice); No photo: Tucapau Baptist.Mission Trip Adventures 10.151     Hurricane Matthew paid us a visit on Saturday so our work started Sunday morning with the arrival of our first chain saw team. They only had to walk out back and across the street to start. During the week they spread out from Johnsonville to Hemingway and Lake City.  Fortunately for the flood victims from last year the flooding was not as bad this time.Mission Trip Adventures 10.152     On Sunday afternoon the rebuild teams began to arrive with all offering to do what ever was needed.  With more saw teams coming Billy choose to keep them doing rebuild.  They installed and finished sheet rock, repaired overhangs on a home and worked on flooring.

The Johnsonville site is still in need of volunteers to remove insulation, spray homes for mold, cut trees and rebuild homes from last years storm.

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