Sunday, October 30, 2016

Carolina Rebuild October 16-22, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 10.22     1-Two Illinois Chainsaw Teams; 2-Northbrook Baptist, Boiling Springs, SC; 3-Region 8 Feeding; 4-Hickory Grove Baptist, Charlotte; 5-David Fuss (Not sure what we would have done without him); 6-Curtis & Joyce Thrift (two more that helped keep our sanity); 7-Reg. 8 Rebuild and Randy & Pat from Florida.Mission Trip Adventures 10.221  For the second week straight we have had a full house of volunteers,  Some have continued to do rebuild work installing floors, finishing sheet rock, installing tile and building decks. Others did chain saw work.  They cut trees on the ground and on top of homes.  The removal of trees from the top of a home requires skilled cutters.  They were assisted by a boom truck provided by William of Johnsonville Mechanical which made the job a lot easier and faster.  Teams have all gone home now but there is still lots of tree jobs, rebuild jobs and a few tear outs to be done. Ann took a day off from her admin duties and went to Lumberton to work with the childcare unit.

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Trish said...

So glad y'all were able to get some crews in to help for your last few weeks here. I didn't know William had loaned his boom truck. I will let him know you credited him for his kind deed. He's a pretty good fella! Give us a shout and let us know how things are going and what location you were assigned.