Saturday, August 27, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 1-27, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 8.27     1-Region 4 Feeding Team=Nancy, Bill, Paula & Bill; 2-SC Campers on Mission; 3-Red Branch Baptist, Carthage; 4-South Point Baptist, Belmont (joined by one from the feeding team); 5-Galatia Baptist, Murfreesboro. Plus a team from Porter Swamp Baptist, Cerro Gorda worked on Saturday. Mission Trip Adventures 8.27-001     Been a busy week with five rebuild teams. The teams spread out and tackled many task this week.  Decks and ramps were built.  Flooring was installed. A ceiling was torn out so it can be reframed and sheet rocked.  Two roofs were completed and three roofs roof coated. Eve trim installed, electrical and the list goes on.  Lots of work was done this week since we had volunteers with a heart to serve wherever needed and each team had people who knew what to do and how to lead others.

Volunteer numbers are way down for the next several weeks so PLEASE try to put a group together and come to Johnsonville to serve GOD.

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