Thursday, May 28, 2009


IMG_1632 We are located only 4 blocks from downtown and we still get visited by the deer. We spotted them today in the meadow across the street.IMG_1633 Billy Roy is cutting rafters for the shed under the supervision of JD & Carey. IMG_1634 The compaction fill is 80 % complete and the concrete prep will be done on Thursday. If the Lord is willing concrete trucks arrive Friday morning @ 6 a.m. and timber that afternoon. Therefore we should be able to lay out wall locations on  Saturday and start framing Monday morning.IMG_1635 Rex, Billy, Carey & Garlin built rafters for the shed and installed them today.

At the church,s Wednesday night service everyone circled around and prayed for us and the construction of the building.  I reminded them that GOD is in charge of the building process and we are here to be his hands and share his love. Therefore, when they come by at later dates remember to praise GOD for the building and all he does. I also request they do as I request of each of you -  WHEN GOD CALLS RESPOND THEN, don't wait cause all things need to be done in GOD's time not human time.

Pray for the team leaving Friday morning and driving home. Also pray for the team that is flying to Bayfield

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