Saturday, March 15, 2014

Welcome Home Jolly Family

Mission Trip Adventures 3.152  Alliance College Connection-Boone: The Jolly house had been sitting empty for many months since Sandy came for a visit. NCBM volunteers had helped hang the sheet rock last May. Ron was going to finish the home. However he got sick and has not been able to do much of anything.  Volunteers for the past two weeks have worked towards completing the home so the Jolly’s can return home.  Billy and Mary helped lead the Alliance team as they did trim work, installed kitchen cabinets, painted and cleaned the yard.  On Friday before they left we had a house dedication although it is not quite complete. This was Alliance’s fifth mission trip to New Jersey.Mission Trip Adventures 3.15  Mount Vernon Baptist Church-Boone: The Mount Vernon team split up and did several jobs.  They hung lots of sheet rock at Anthony’s house as well as cleaning up his yard.  Others removed decks from a home, preparing the way so the home could be lifted.  At another home they removed the insulation from the crawl space.Mission Trip Adventures 3.151  University of Delaware-Alternative Spring Break Program: On Friday evening a group from Universe of Delaware came up so they could work on Saturday.  Most of them hung sheet rock at Helen’s house. Some of the ladies cleaned up at 2 other homes so the sheet rock finishers could work. Larry, our feeding Blue Hat this week knew this group from when they worked in Bayboro so he worked with them today.Mission Trip Adventures 3.153  On Wednesday night Todd came and did his Bible study to a full room. Lots of volunteers and several locals had a very interactive study.  Paul always enjoys the great food prepared by our cocking teams.  Larry Brush led the feeding team from Region 3. Tim and Billy finished removing a bathroom tile floor so it could be repaired.  Ann took a little time to enjoy a walk on the Board Walk on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

We are in need of sheetrock finishers. In order to get home owners back into their home this Spring we have 2 finishing jobs being contracted out.

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