Sunday, March 23, 2014

Georgia State Week

Mission Trip Adventures 3.22 (2)  1-With only one work team we had a small but good cook team from Region 9.  2-On Tuesday night Lucrecia (homeowner Anthony’s wife) came over and made home made Italian meat balls. 3- Paul helped the Georgia team hang sheet rock at Anthony’s. 4-Our college team from Georgia State. 6&7-The ladies helped move Catherine to a new tempoary home.  In doing so they discovered she had no furniture. So Vicki, Tim, Debbie and two of the GA girls took her a air mattress.  The next day Vicki, Tim, Paul and Pastor Todd got her a real bed, couch, chair, dining room set and some food and carried it all back to her.

5-We left on Thursday morning to go to The NC Mission Conference in Charlotte.  Billy was able to share a brief word on what has been done in New Jersey as well as request for more volunteers.  Ann set up and worked the Mission Fair exhibit while Billy did three break out sessions.  We talked to several people about coming to help this year but did not get anyone to say they would come.  At present time we have many weeks that still need to be filled with volunteers.  Please contact us to let us know when your group would like to come.Mission Trip Adventures 3.22.14 p  The GA team came with not one but two Recovery Blue Hats. Most of the week they worked at Anthony’s learning how to cut and install sheet rock.  The girls helped move Catherine and spent some time Wednesday afternoon cleaning up a yard for a couple.  They were a great team and I think they learned a lot.

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