Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday and a Free Car Wash


Ike started out our day with a morning devotion straight from his heart.  Iva and Billy put the final touches on the library.  Amy is so happy to have Wi-Fi now. Me too.

Wednesday Carwash

Pastor Roger took his kids, a few other church members, Lynn, Eddie, Pastor Paul, Amy, Toni, Vandy and Elizabeth over to Captain D’s to do a free cash wash.  Of course they were not only washing cars, trucks and motorcycles.  They were sharing the Gospel and praying with those that needed prayers.

Wednesday Floor

Ike, Doug and Jeffrey did such a good job on the fence Tuesday that they formed a team again on Wednesday.  This time they repaired that big whole in the floor left from the baptistry removal.  Job well done guys. 

Are you are wondering what I’m doing here this week beside taking pictures and blogging?  I am getting up early to have breakfast on the table at 7 am,  lunch at 12 noon and dinner at 6 pm.  Billy has been a big help mornings but he thinks I don’t know how to cook breakfast.  I can’t imagine why.

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