Sunday, April 29, 2012

Down With the Old and Up With the New


Volunteers this week-clockwise starting a top left: Steve Wilson, Jean and Alvin Wadsworth and Freddie Roberson from Williamston Baptist Church; John Deacon; Bob Silver; Sid and Betty Ann Shearin; Billy Williams;  Brooks, Mike, Douglas, Loyall and Amy from Robersonville Baptist; Charles Aultman with his going away carrot cake; Bobby Eure and Harlon Castaloe.

The center picture is Bruce and Terri Fulcher.  Bruce is the Reaching People Coordinator for Pennsylvania Southern Baptist.  We had gone over to the KOA campground Sunday afternoon to welcome Bob.  They were camping there also and  came over to say hi when they saw the NCBM logo on the truck.  They joined us for Wednesday night supper and led our devotion.  It was nice getting to know them and hear about what God is doing in PA.

Kathy Williams

The Williamston group spent most of their time in Avon doing sheetrock work on Kathy Williams home.  Charles & Bob worked on her exterior trim.

Janie Blog

THE OLD: On Tuesday the volunteers began removing the rear room from the little red house.  There were issues with termites, rotten wood and a very small kitchen.  If you are old enough to know what the green thing is in the center you are most likely retired and should have time to serve GOD on the OBX.  For the rest of you it is a washing machine and you can also volunteer and join the fun.

Janie Blog1

THE NEW: Then we started expanding the space and building the new kitchen and bedroom.  Rafters are not my thing so Jimmy Hooper came over and helped us get started.  THANKS JIMMY.

Janie Blog2

A couple of the Robersonville group worked on the interior walls getting them on 16” centers so sheet rock will install easier.  In the center is Dean (left) and her mother Janie.  It was Janie’s birthday ( 93 ) and one of her wants was to go by the home place to see what was being done.  If you don’t recognize the center right couple it is K & Dana Brown with the convention.  They came down for the afternoon to do a story for the NC Mission Offering Video.  K took many pictures of work in process and so many of Janie that I’m sure she felt like a rock star.  I’m looking forward to the article or what ever he does with all the pictures and video.  I know it will be great. Thanks K & Dana.

Please support the NC Mission Offering.  It supports projects such as the rebuild here on the OBX which is a great way to share the word and love of GOD while we also help rebuild the homes that were damaged or destroyed  by the floods of Hurricane Irene.  Maybe GOD is leading you to come to Salvo and join us.  We accept volunteers for the day, days, week or month.  I will be praying to see you soon.

And then some of the fun stuff.

5K Blog

Everybody thinks Ann is on the OBX working hard.  Well she is working hard buying groceries and preparing fabulous meals for me and all the volunteers.  However she has also been training for a race.  On Sat she joined 177 others on Ocracoke Island for her first 5K.  Pastor Russ & Jodi ran with her.  Here are her stats:

Place- 109
Div Place- 9 / 16
Run Time- 32:50
Pace- 10:35 per mile

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