Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen


It’s been a very busy week. The St. Andrew’s team from Raleigh stayed through the weekend.  Part of them did wiring at Tony’s while the rest of the group removed and replaced flooring for Kathy M.  Russ, Jodi & Charles installed cabinets for Steve M.

Linda Hooper

Tim Etheridge brought a group from Riverview Baptist.  They started out the week hanging sheet rock at Linda H’s.


David Earley’s group returned to work on wiring at Elsie’s.  Alan Harris, JE and Betsy helped Buddy and Jimmy hang shake shingles.Kathy Willisms

On Tuesday morning we started removing the flat roof section of Kathy W’s home.  We found several rot and ant problems so it made the job a little more challenging.

 Kathy Willisms-001

Teams included Riverview Baptist, Mountain Valley Baptist,  Charles & Billy.  Betsy and J.E. hung insulation inside.  On Friday morning the team was determined to finish the shingles although it was drizzling rain. The LORD watched out for them and sent a local (actually a roofing professional) by who stopped and helped them finish a couple hours early.  They called him an angel.


On Saturday morning, with all our volunteers gone, we were able to get away.  We just did an island hop and headed up to Kitty Hawk to spend Easter with family.  Aunt Doris cooked us a great Easter meal for Saturday night.  Aunt Jo decorated the table with goodie bags for everyone.  We talked Cindy into getting up before dawn to go with us to the Easter Sunrise Drama at Jockey’s Ridge.  After warming up with some coffee and breakfast at Grits Grill we went to the early service at Nags Head Church.  Then we headed back south and made two stops along the way.  We took a hike at the Charles Kuralt Nature Preserve  and stopped at the New New Inlet where we were able to get a different view of the “lego bridge”.

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