Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thank you Lord for Your Bountiful Harvest

Billy WRAL

Several weeks back Richard with WRAL did a story on the people around Bayboro & FEMA housing.  I emailed him to it to let them know the same problem existed in Salvo area but the residents here had no where to move to except with friends or family.  Also tourist season was about to start which would make matters more stressful.  I guessed it would fall on deaf ears but thanks to GOD Richard came and did a story on the OBX people’s needs.  He did a story on Elsie Hooper click here if you missed it and one on Kathy Williams (to air later).


A group from Covenant UMC (top left) arrived from Chesapeake.  They teamed up with Charles (right center with Billy), Buddy (left center in the rafters) and Pastor Rick (bottom right) from Nags Head Church and did a lot of the final framing on Elsie’s home.  Teresa & Allison came all the way from Mars Hill to help and stayed all week.  They painted and cleaned up at several home sites.


Eric seams very happy to see more painting taking place. A team from Saint Andrews the Apostle Catholic Church in Apex also brought and put up more wall materials.


On Wednesday Pastor Russ & Jodi met the ladies in Avon @ Kathy’s home to do some yard cleaning.  Now she will be able to plant her garden.  She has promised us her first tomato.   Kathy’s father built this house and she has lived in it most of her life.  Her home was flooded and needs a restore of the first floor.  Also part of her roof is flat and is leaking.  Kathy has been caught up in let’s say the red tape issue.  Although the FEMA adjustor says she qualifies for an assistance of $ xx ? and the letters are going back and forth she has not received any money yet.  She did not have insurance because she choose to use the money at that time to send her daughter to college.  Richard Atkins also is doing a story about her and the Avon area which he thinks may air Easter week end.  Thanks to Jodi, who is working with the Dare Co. Long Term Recovery, money has been found to purchase materials to fix the roof.


One day the ladies (Teresa and Allison) went to Pastor Steve’s home to help paint. Another day they went to Wesley & Jennifer’s to clean out the old shed that was flooded in the storm. They moved what was good into the new shed and put the rest on a tarp outside to dry so Jennifer could go through it. One day they did some cleanup at Steve M’s house. David, Harlon & Jimmie came down for the day and did wiring at Tony & Erin’s. On Saturday a youth group came down from Church of the Outer Banks in Nags Head. They put up insulation at Linda Hooper’s and then cleaned up some in the back yard. Afterwards they went to the food pantry @ Lifeboat Church (Pastor Steve’s church) and helped Melinda (Steve’s daughter) unload and sort the food he had just arrived with.


As usual we are enjoying the food.  One night we had blue fish provided by Preacher Russ, the next night shrimp and grits and the next the Hooper’s brought over oysters to roast and we had catfish and flounder to top them off.  I think everyone got a belly full.

Please pray that financial needs will be met so that we can use them to the glory of God by helping to restore homes and lives here on OBX.

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