Sunday, February 2, 2014

Region 5 Feeding Team or Rebuild Team?

Mission Trip Adventures 2.1  John Johnson was scheduled to be our feeding lead for this week.  Unfortunately we did not have any rebuild volunteers coming.  Billy told John that he did not have to come to feed but he was welcome to bring up a rebuild team and he did just that.  His team was from Pleasant Garden Baptist in Greensboro.  Carl and Richard came too and this made their 5th New Jersey trip. The group worked on sheetrock most of the week.  They finished up Bruce’s house (for those of you here the week before). Local resident Paul has become Billy’s right hand man.  He has been so much help.  We had snow again this week but on Monday the weather was nice enough that Ann took a walk on the beach in between her cooking and other duties. 

We don’t have volunteers for next week so have gone home for a visit.

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