Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Snowy Week at the Jersey Shore

Mission Trip Adventures 1.25.14  1-Region 4 Feeding Team; 2-Westwood Baptist Church, Cary; 3-Billy helping Jersey Shore United unload their freebies from Home Depot; 4-Matthews Baptist Church, Matthews; 5-Jim from Westwood helping Billy; 6-Pastor Todd is doing a Wednesday night bible study on James at our site.  Everyone is welcome; 7-Our last night with Vicki and Tim for awhile. Mission Trip Adventures 1.25.14 pg2.25  Wanda Temple led a hard working feeding team.  They prepared great meals and kept the showers and common areas clean.  Even though we had snow and it was very cold they went for several walks on the beach.Mission Trip Adventures 1.25.14 p3.251Although it has been an unusually cold and snowy week the teams stayed steady at work.  The Westwood team installed insulation, hung sheet rock, moved sheet rock inside, mudded, taped and sanded sheet rock and painted.  They still found time to help homeowners shovel snow.Mission Trip Adventures 1.25.14 pg4     It was so cold here that the Matthews’ team actually built a air condition platform inside and then carried it out to install it on the concrete pads.  They also built a raised floor for a washer and dryer.  They did more sheet rock finishing along with installing counter tops.

Yes it is cold here in New Jersey but many home owners are still not back into their homes.  I am sure as you read this your are relaxing in your warm confortable home. Please pray for the many volunteers who are answering GOD’s call to go and serve.  At present time we are working on 10 different homes.  We have new requests to help rebuild 6 others.  All 16 will be very happy when their homes are completed so they can move back in and relax.  Also each week we receive additional requests from the Long Term Recovery Group for help with additional homes.  So yes, long story short we are in need of volunteers now and through the coming months.

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