Monday, December 23, 2013

Alliance Bible Fellowship’s 4th Trip to New Jersey

Mission Trip Adventures 12.21.13 pg1Most of our group were returners.  Some actually spent last Christmas break in New Jersey doing tear outs.  However this was their first rebuild project.  They agree rebuild is totally different from tear out.  They were able to meet 3 of the home owners and spend some time with them.   As you see it did snow again this week.  The good part of snow in Jersey it is usually gone the next day.  Our feeding team was from Reg. 2 and Reg. 8.Mission Trip Adventures 12.21For one team most of the week was spent hanging sheet rock.  The other team painted walls, stained molding, hung insulation and moved furniture back into a home.

We are in need of people to finish sheet rock.  We have three  jobs waiting to finish and another one gets hung first week of January.

We will be home for a week to celebrate Christmas.

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