Monday, November 17, 2008

Where have we been so long?

It's been a long time since I posted after coming home from Texas.  Since then Billy has made two quick trips back to Texas to bring equipment home and move some to another Texas town.IMG_1065We dressed up as JoJo and Mr. Scarecrow for our Sunday School Fall Party.IMG_1069 I went with Mickey Mouse and Wonderwoman to the Fall Festival at church.  Billy was in Texas.IMG_1067 My mother went as the Tooth Fairy.100_1415 On November 8th our children gave us a party to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.IMG_1087 Our son-in-law, Brandon, made this beautiful cake.IMG_1076Kim, Brandon, Amy, Josh, Matt & Tanya

Then Billy and I spent a week at North Myrtle Beach just relaxing and enjoying being together. I did not take a single picture.

IMG_1090 On Saturday morning, while we were still at the beach, we learned about the tornados that struck in NC (and not too far from home).  Of course Billy was anxious to get home to see what he could do to help out. IMG_1096 So on Sunday and Monday he went with a group of Baptist Men to do chainsaw work. Do you see those blooming trees in the background?  Looks like Spring doesn't it?IMG_1099 It's cotton.

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Hate it about the tornado , i'm sure you liked the Nort Myrtle Beach Wedding in South Carolina.