Monday, September 28, 2009

More Dental Bus Adventures

There’s not much going on mission trip wise in our lives right now.  We are still working with the Dental Bus.  On Saturday, September 19 we took the bus to El Centro Hispano Health Fair in Durham.  IMG_2359 Mema went with us for her first trip on the bus.IMG_2360 This NC State student John (or Juan in Spanish) was an interpreter.  I enjoyed talking with him and he tried to teach me a little Spanish.IMG_2362 See that line of people all the way across the picture?  That was part of the line of people trying to get onto the Dental Bus.  It was a wild day.IMG_2366  Jolema was in charge of the dental part of the fair.IMG_2369 Then on Sept 21 and 22 we took the bus to Shallotte for our first overnighter. Here is Jennifer the dental assistant and Phyllis the receptionist.

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