Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Progress on Houses

The last of the block and brick have been laid. The ceiling of the last two safe rooms are being formed and will be poured Wednesday morning which will complete the concrete work.  Two homes have been framed and sheeted however we still need to finish the porches and overhangs so shingles and vinyl can be done. 

Bertie 10.19

Lots of thanks to Mike Layton for listening to GOD and following the call to come to Colerain and help us out. He knows how to build a house!! He gave up working on houses he was building along with fishing for 2 weeks. Hate to see him leave, however I know God will send a replacement. Also want to thank all the others who have come to help share God's love by giving of their selves to help build these four homes. We still are in need of volunteers for several more weeks and would love YOUR help.

Bertie Co

Thanks to a great feeding team last week.  Two days they served a full house when the Friends (Quakers) had lunch with us.

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