Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Visit From Home

Mission Trip Adventures 5.242  The Region 9/10 feeding team was great this week.  They put in some extra work and even made lunch time special.  They had called earlier and asked if they could bring a few extra guys who wanted to do rebuild. They brought many skills with them.  They built a ramp for Bob so for the first time in 17 months he could leave his home on his own. (local guys have been carrying him up and down the steps).  They also finished the trim work at Margaret’s and installed countertops at Jayne’s.  Paul helped them remove Margaret’s wall air condition and repair the hole.Mission Trip Adventures 5.241     A team also came up from our home church, Momeyer. As always it was great to be with folks from home. They split up and did many tasks. They hung sheet rock, sanded and painted, packed up belongings and put them in storage unit, put down floor decking (not shown). Pastor Phil blessed the sheet rock that was being hung while the guys kneeled and prayed.  Al from California also worked with the Momeyer team. Mission Trip Adventures 5.243  We also had a group from Georgia Baptist Collegiate Ministry. They are students from several GA colleges. Being a large group they also split up.  They have installed floor insulation, worked on flower beds at Union Church, moved furniture and belongings back into a home, did yard cleaning for several seniors, reroofed 2 homes (with the help of Greensboro Presbyterians) and demolished a damaged deck. This team came in on Monday, May 19 and are staying until Friday May 30.  How’s that for commitment? Mission Trip Adventures 5.24  There was also a lot of memories made. Buying ice cream from the truck, putting together puzzles while fellowshipping, Ann doing precleaning before washing spatulas (Billy’s birthday cake), beach time, meeting Nick the parrot, Tim showing how to finish off a desert, watching the local cops do their job, and three got hot so they went for a dip (or was it a dare?).

Work requests continue to come in. Therefore there is still a need for rebuilding teams. We have space left for others over the next 3 months and then the winter has LOTS of open weeks that we need volunteers for.  To volunteer contact Billy or Ann Layton.

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